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01. About Us

VZ Visual Studio is a 3D agency with a hand-picked team of experienced and passionate CG artists with over 10 years of experience. Due to the fact that each of our specialists has an education in the field of architecture and design, we focus on artistic properties, lighting solutions and spatial characteristics in all visual forms that we create. Our portfolio and excellent customer reviews inspire us to test our skills in the most interesting and daring projects.

We work all over the world, namely Germany, Belgium, USA, Montenegro, England, Australia, Austria.

We have been working on the CGI market for more than 3 years, we have more than 100 finished projects, 15 satisfied clients and 500 finished images.

02. Price

How much do 3D renders cost?

The price for project rendering and animation will vary depending on:

  • Size, location and complexity
  • Object location
  • Required number of images and animations
  • Urgency and timing, as well as the quality and timing of feedback
Contact us for a personal consultation on your project and required solutions by sending an inquiry to vz.visual.studio@gmail.com
We perform 3D visualization in various forms, the cost of which depends on a number of factors. One of the most important factors is how realistic the scene can be. The higher the level of detail, the more time and effort you need to invest in it. CGI, VR and architectural rendering pricing can be customized to suit your requirements, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

03. The working process

The typical process for a 3D rendering and animation project is done in three steps:

Collection of information, analysis of material

The first stage of our cooperation with you is your order, then the creation of a task and a visualization concept.
The project will take from five days to two weeks to complete.
Our specialists review and analyze all your submitted data (this can be existing visualizations, CAD files, drawings, sketches, links, etc.), contact you if the information is not enough or there are inaccuracies, and in order to find out all your wishes , ideas, assumptions, and clarify the details. Based on this, a schedule is created. Working together at this stage is the key to success.

Camera angles and 3D modeling

The second stage is the creation of a detailed 3D model of the object for visualization. You get multiple views to choose from, which will either be a white model with no textures or a screenshot of a 3D model. This step is important and serves to define and agree on the scene and camera angles that need to be rendered. We do not work in isolation, but we try to involve you in the process, which will take into account your wishes and suggestions regarding the viewing angle and image details at this stage and, based on this, corrections are made. The result of this stage

Preview and fixes

The third stage of our work is the presentation of two detailed previews with the addition of materials, textures and lights to the 3D model that you want and which will most fully show the finished rendering. You get two free correction stages, where your submitted change requests and proposals in short form will be taken into account. First comes the first pre-processing, which includes free author corrections, then the second pre-processing with free author correction.

Final Rendering

After the second author’s processing, you get a finished high-resolution visualization. You can see our work here.

Let’s do something great together!

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