CG Animation

Immersive Experience:

CG animation services and video create an immersive experience for potential buyers, allowing them to virtually “walk through” the property and realistically envision how the space will look after construction is completed.

Showcasing Real Potential:

Video and CG animation production enable the showcasing of the real potential of the property, including unique architectural features, design elements, landscaping, and views from windows.

Selling an Emotional Experience:

CGI animation agency services contribute to creating an emotional impact. Vibrant visuals, musical accompaniment, and effects can instill a sense of comfort and excitement about the future home.


Video can serve as a storytelling tool for the project, presenting information about design concepts, the construction process, and unique features of the property. The ability to visually assess the property allows clients to make purchase decisions faster, which is particularly crucial in a competitive market.

Showcasing Landscape and Environment:

CGI animation company videos allow for a detailed examination of the landscape and environment, which can be a decisive factor in property selection. Clients can assess proximity to nature, infrastructure, and other important elements.

Enhancing Sales Materials:

Video is a powerful tool for creating high-quality marketing materials such as promotional videos, web presentations, and exhibition displays. Animation studio websites showcase these capabilities effectively.


Tree CG Animation
Tree CG Animation
Our work on CG Animatios


VZ Visual Studio

VZ Visual Studio is a CG animation studio with a hand-picked team of highly qualified and passionate CG artists with over 10 years of experience. Due to the fact that each of our specialists has an education in the field of architecture and design, we focus on artistic properties, lighting solutions, harmonious frame composition, and the overall vibe of the picture in all visual forms that we create.

We have more than

  • 100+ completed projects,
  • 15+ satisfied clients
  • and 500+ renders.

With us you can reach such high goals as:

  • Reaching the highest sales with unforgettable visualization, which helps you stand out from competitors with highly realistic detailed views of exterior, interior, and product design.
  • Accomplishing your project vibes through color, light, and composition in professional 3D visuals with an artistic touch.
  • Letting your clients get a taste of their future property.
  • Making your product visualization more accurate, flexible, faster, and cheaper than other presenting methods.
  • Creating interactive 360º virtual tours of your architectural project.

VZ Visual Studio has been working on the CGI market for more than 3 years all over the world:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Montenegro,
  • England,
  • Austria,
  • Australia,
  • USA.


The working process

The typical process for a 3D rendering and animation project is done in three steps:

Collection of information, analysis of material

The first stage of our cooperation is your order, followed by the creation of a task and a visualization concept. The project will take from five days to two weeks to complete. Our specialists review and analyze all your submitted data (existing visualizations, CAD files, drawings, sketches, links, etc.), contact you if the information is insufficient or there are inaccuracies, and clarify all your wishes, ideas, and assumptions. Based on this, a schedule is created. Working together at this stage is the key to success.

Camera angles and 3D modeling

The second stage involves creating a detailed 3D model of the object for visualization. You receive multiple views to choose from, which will either be a white model with no textures or a screenshot of a 3D model. This step is crucial for defining and agreeing on the scene and camera angles that need to be rendered. We involve you in the process to consider your preferences regarding the viewing angle and image details, making necessary corrections based on your feedback.

Preview and fixes

The third stage includes presenting two detailed previews with materials, textures, and lights added to the 3D model. You get two free stages of corrections, where your change requests and proposals are considered. First comes the initial preprocessing with free author corrections, followed by the second preprocessing with additional corrections.

Final Rendering

After the second author’s processing, you receive a finished high-resolution visualization. You can see our work here. For those wondering about our broader capabilities, VZ Visual Studio is also recognized as Studio Animation Inc, encompassing a full suite of CGI animation studio services, ensuring that every project we undertake is completed with the highest level of detail and professionalism.


1. Vladislav Abramkin
1. Vladislav Abramkin
2. Pavel Zhuravlev
2. Pavel Zhuravlev
3. Marina Metel.
3. Marina Metel.
CGI Artist
4. Pavel Duk
4. Pavel Duk
CGI artist
5. Mary Ankudovich
5. Mary Ankudovich
Client development and account manager.


The fee is determined by the type of payment you prefer: the price for each individual render or the price for the entire project.

The price depends on:

  • the complexity and the scope of the interior/exterior project.
  • the quanity and the quality of space detailing.
  • the quanity and the quality of information provided by the client(mood boards, names of article numbers of real interior/exterior items required for visualization,drawings,models,etc)
  • project deadlines.
  • the number of rounds of corrections.
  • the number of renders.
  • the level of atistic design of the project(certain aesthetic requirments for lighting,composition,etc).
 Yes, you can get a 15% discount for your first project order. And also, for order 10+ renders you get a 10% discount, and for 15+ renders – 15%.

Click on the “contacts” section and fill out the form, we will immediately schedule a meeting with you for a personalized consultation on your project!

We operate a quality control system with the help of our highly professional and experienced artist mentor who advises each project. Timing control is carried out by the project manager, who assigns team briefings in accordance with the project deadline and monitors the readiness of each project

You can send information about your project in any format: PDF, drawings, sketches, models, references, list of item numbers, etc. The amount and detail of the information you provide significantly speeds up the process of working on visualization renderings. The most favorable information formats: CAD drawings, 3D models in obj, max, scp format. As well as a mood board on lighting, vibe and quality of details of the project.

After we agree on the project details and the project deadline, our manager will divide the project term into three meetings (if you wish, you can request more). We will send you a render for review for each meeting. Then, within 2-3 days, you send us corrections, which we implement before the next round. Three rounds of corrections are included in the cost of the project.  If you wish, you can add additional rounds. Additional rounds are paid separately.

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