Object Visualization

Material Exploration and Realism:

Designers can experiment with various materials, textures, and finishes through 3D visualization, achieving a level of realism that goes beyond traditional sketches or physical prototypes. This not only aids in accurately representing the envisioned design but also assists in making informed decisions about materials and aesthetics.

Streamlining Prototyping:

The traditional prototyping process can be time-consuming and costly. 3D visualization allows designers to rapidly iterate through different versions of a furniture piece without the need for physical prototypes. This accelerates the design refinement process and ensures that the final product aligns closely with the designer’s vision.

Competitive Edge in the Market:

When competing in the furniture market, a designer armed with visually stunning 3D visualizations gains a competitive edge. The ability to present designs in a realistic and captivating manner enhances the perceived value of the furniture pieces and sets the designer apart from the competition.

Showcasing Design Solutions:

3D visualization allows for showcasing unique furniture designs, especially those with distinctive shapes, colors, or materials.

Providing Various Layouts:

3D visualization enables the creation of different furniture layouts and arrangements in a space. Buyers can see how furniture pieces complement each other and visualize how they might fit into their homes.

Custom Orders:

Clients can place custom orders for personalized furniture variations based on their preferences. 3D visualization helps visualize these individual orders before production.

Changing Textures and Finishes:

Buyers can preview furniture with various textures and finishes before making decisions, as many clients pay attention to such details.

Attractive Catalogs and Websites:

3D visualization enriches furniture catalogs and online stores, making them more appealing to potential buyers. It also helps create visually satisfying websites for effective online commerce.

Reducing Decision-Making Time:

Buyers can make decisions faster as 3D visualization provides a comprehensive picture of how furniture will fit into their interiors.

Marketing Materials and Advertising:

3D visualization is effectively used in marketing materials and advertising, making them more appealing to the target audience.

Overcoming Distances:

Online shoppers can easily browse and choose furniture without visiting physical stores. This is particularly crucial for online sales.

In conclusion, furniture 3D visualization not only enhances the customer’s visual experience but also helps streamline the decision-making process, contributing to increased sales volume and strengthening the brand’s image.



Our work on object visualization


VZ Visual Studio

is a 3D agency with a hand-picked team of high-qualified and passionate CG artists with their 10+  years of experience. Due to the fact that each of our specialists has an education in the field of architecture and design, we focus on artistic properties, lighting solutions, harmonious frame composition, vibe of the picture in all visual forms that we create.

We have more than

  • 100+ completed projects,
  • 15+ satisfied clients
  • and 500+ renders.

With us you can reach such high goals as:

  • achieve the highest sales with unforgettable visualization which helps you to stand out from the competitors with high realistic detailed views of exterior, interior, product design.
  • accomplish your project vibes that you want to convey through color, light and composition in professional 3D visuals with an artistic touch
  • Let your clients get a taste of their future property.
  • Make your product visualization more accurate, flexible, faster and cheaper than other presenting methods.
  • Create interactive 360º virtual tours of your architectural project.

VZ Visual Studio has been working on the CGI market for more than 3 years all over the world:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Montenegro,
  • England,
  • Austria,
  • Australia,
  • USA.


The working process

The typical process for a 3D rendering and animation project is done in three steps:

Collection of information, analysis of material

The first stage of our cooperation with you is your order, then the creation of a task and a visualization concept. The project will take from five days to two weeks to complete. Our specialists review and analyze all your submitted data (this can be existing visualizations, CAD files, drawings, sketches, links, etc.), contact you if the information is not enough or there are inaccuracies, and in order to find out all your wishes , ideas, assumptions, and clarify the details. Based on this, a schedule is created. Working together at this stage is the key to success.

Camera angles and 3D modeling

The second stage is the creation of a detailed 3D model of the object for visualization. You get multiple views to choose from, which will either be a white model with no textures or a screenshot of a 3D model. This step is important and serves to define and agree on the scene and camera angles that need to be rendered. We do not work in isolation, but we try to involve you in the process, which will take into account your wishes and suggestions regarding the viewing angle and image details at this stage and, based on this, corrections are made. The result of this stage

Preview and fixes

The third stage of our work is the presentation of two detailed previews with the addition of materials, textures and lights to the 3D model that you want and which will most fully show the finished rendering. You get two free correction stages, where your submitted change requests and proposals in short form will be taken into account. First comes the first pre-processing, which includes free author corrections, then the second pre-processing with free author correction.

Final Rendering

After the second author’s processing, you get a finished high-resolution visualization. You can see our work here.


1. Vladislav Abramkin
1. Vladislav Abramkin
2. Pavel Zhuravlev
2. Pavel Zhuravlev
3. Marina Metel.
3. Marina Metel.
CGI Artist
4. Pavel Duk
4. Pavel Duk
CGI artist
5. Mary Ankudovich
5. Mary Ankudovich
Client development and account manager.


The fee is determined by the type of payment you prefer: the price for each individual render or the price for the entire project.

The price depends on:

  • the complexity and the scope of the interior/exterior project.
  • the quanity and the quality of space detailing.
  • the quanity and the quality of information provided by the client(mood boards, names of article numbers of real interior/exterior items required for visualization,drawings,models,etc)
  • project deadlines.
  • the number of rounds of corrections.
  • the number of renders.
  • the level of atistic design of the project(certain aesthetic requirments for lighting,composition,etc).
 Yes, you can get a 15% discount for your first project order. And also, for order 10+ renders you get a 10% discount, and for 15+ renders – 15%.

Click on the “contacts” section and fill out the form, we will immediately schedule a meeting with you for a personalized consultation on your project!

We operate a quality control system with the help of our highly professional and experienced artist mentor who advises each project. Timing control is carried out by the project manager, who assigns team briefings in accordance with the project deadline and monitors the readiness of each project

You can send information about your project in any format: PDF, drawings, sketches, models, references, list of item numbers, etc. The amount and detail of the information you provide significantly speeds up the process of working on visualization renderings. The most favorable information formats: CAD drawings, 3D models in obj, max, scp format. As well as a mood board on lighting, vibe and quality of details of the project.

After we agree on the project details and the project deadline, our manager will divide the project term into three meetings (if you wish, you can request more). We will send you a render for review for each meeting. Then, within 2-3 days, you send us corrections, which we implement before the next round. Three rounds of corrections are included in the cost of the project.  If you wish, you can add additional rounds. Additional rounds are paid separately.

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